One Week in America

I spent the last week on planes on trains on buses, bouncing from city to city. This is nothing new, seeing as I did that for the last few months as I made my way around Asia. But this time the roads are paved and straight, the trains are short and without bunks, and the cities are ones that are familiar. I’ve been seeing friends and family all over the east coast before going back to California for a week before I leave, again, this time for Zambia, this time for the Peace Corps.


I keep getting the question. The all important question: are you excited? And I say yes. And they ask, and are you scared? And I say yes. And I do mean these answers, but it is hard for me to completely feel them. I am excited, and I am scared, but at the same time I forget at times that I have these feelings. I am so focused on seeing my friends again, on seeing these cities again, on eating pizza and taking hot showers and sleeping in real beds again that I forget to check in with what I am feeling about leaving again, this time for two years.For twenty seven months.

photo 1

And right now? Right now I feel happy, right now I also feel sad. It’s been so exciting to see my friends, some of whom I saw a month ago when I was back in the states, most of whom I won’t see again for a long time. And it has been so exciting to get to go from friend to friend all week, getting lunches, getting dinners with people. Eating foods that I hadn’t had as much access to over the last year, foods that I wont get to eat for a while, again. And getting home so that I can unpack my stuff, I can wash it all, and then pack it up again for my next big adventure!

photo 4


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