And we’re off!

Tuesday started Staging, the part of Peace Corps where they put everyone who is leaving for your country in the same intake group in a hotel and register you, go over last minute logistics, and spend some time going over what exactly the Peace Corps is.

So that we really know what we are getting ourselves into.

The staging sessions were ones that seemed like they were going to be dull sessions filled with useless information, but actually ended up being really informative, and a bit fun too! Mostly because I had a good table full of people, but also because we got a chance to talk a bit about Peace Corps, what its values are and what the mission of it is, but also about what we are expecting from it, what we are anxious about, what we are excited for, etc.

It was really nice to finally be able to talk to others who were also preparing to leave about what to expect, what we were worried about, what we were leaving behind, all that. It was also really nice to just get to meet the others who would be going with me to Zambia!

After staging we all went out to various dinners (our last in the states!), and then at 2am we left on buses for JFK! Our flight wasn’t until around 11am, but they like to have extra time in case someone forgets their passport. Or luggage. Or just decides to back out last minute from getting on the plane to Zambia!

After a 14 hour plane ride to Johannesburg, South Africa, and another 2 hour flight, we had arrived! An hour of going through customs, and grabbing our bags, and we were greeted at the door by current PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers), who were ready to collect our luggage, take pictures of us in our sector groups (new trainees representing both the Health and Education sector are in my intake group: I will be doing Health), and throw us into Peace Corps vehicles to go to the motel where we would be staying!

The 2014 Health intakes, freshly arrived in Lusaka, Zambia
The 2014 Health intakes, freshly arrived in Lusaka, Zambia

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