Something Different! (Episode 1)

So, I got to my village a few days ago! And I started a new project in my free time. That is, when I’m not at the clinic, fetching water, trying to get my brasier to light, or cooking a meal.

The third goal of Peace Corps is to try and translate life here back to America. And while I love writing blog posts (and will continue to for whoever actually reads them), here is a new type of blog:

A cartoon! Or graphic novel sort of thing. I’m gonna try and post a new episode each week, and we’ll see how well I can keep to that.

So now, presenting: 100 Weeks of Mwani! Enjoy!

Also, apologies for the small pictures/bad quality. I am posting this from my phone in my hut.




Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Something Different! (Episode 1)”

  1. Hi Jenna! How creative, and they are great quality, easy to read. Is it water color? Then photographed and sent by your phone?
    This is an effective way to draw us in to your world in Zambia. If you think no one reads your blog, you are wrong! We love it. Greetings and love from Philadelphia.

  2. Oh Jenna,
    What a grand idea; it gives me a view into your life that words alone do not convey, as wonderful as the earlier blogs are. I still go back from time to time to dip into them.

    An aside: I am so proud that we are related!

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