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Episode 5: On the Kids Here

Color coming tomorrow!

Theres been a bit of a lag lately, in terms of life and in terms of me posting blogs–I was at Peace Corps workshops/trainings and then on vacation for December and the New Years, and since then there hasn’t been much going on at site due to a combination of people being away for our presidential elections and people not working due to the rainy season!





Something Different! (Episode 1)

So, I got to my village a few days ago! And I started a new project in my free time. That is, when I’m not at the clinic, fetching water, trying to get my brasier to light, or cooking a meal.

The third goal of Peace Corps is to try and translate life here back to America. And while I love writing blog posts (and will continue to for whoever actually reads them), here is a new type of blog:

A cartoon! Or graphic novel sort of thing. I’m gonna try and post a new episode each week, and we’ll see how well I can keep to that.

So now, presenting: 100 Weeks of Mwani! Enjoy!

Also, apologies for the small pictures/bad quality. I am posting this from my phone in my hut.




Thanks for reading!